Fish.Pro Treasure Islands:How to Seek Opportunities in Swarm Mainnet on the Way?

【Are You Ready for Farming?】

Social media in recent days has been bombarded by the trending topic: The launch of Swarm means that BZZ will get its official circulation and nodes for testnet could be connected to the Mainnet in advance, offering a bonus for long-awaited “farmers or miners”.

Its coverage stirs up the whole token mining market. Both miners and machine owners are facing a crucial choice: “to Seize Prior Access or to Participate after Launch of Mainnet”

The following would help if you are a green hand of blockchain:

What is well-renowned Swarm?

The Concept of Swarm to realize distributed storage was proposed as early as 2015 and was promoted by Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood and Jeffrey Wilcke (celebrated founder and co-founders of Ethereum ).BZZ and Shh were both brainchilds of Vitalik.

As a node-to-node network system, Swarm provides a censorship- resistant storage and communication infrastructure for a sovereign digital society. Programmable incentives systems driven by smart contracts can make it economically self-sustaining. Based upon various protocols and technologies of Ethereum , Swarm empowers digital freedom with its sharp advantages of “Zero Downtime ,No Fault Tolerant and Censorship Resistance”.

Why You are Suggested to Prime for BZZ Token Mining in Advance?

Relying on strong financial support of Ethereum Foundation, Swarm has completed a private equity placement of six million US dollars earlier with investors covering from Alphemy Capital, Bitscale Capital, DFG, KR1, HashKey to NGC Ventures, The LAO, LD Capital, YBB Foundation and Waterdrip Capital. While seizing a great opportunity, Only by seizing a share and deploying BZZ mining of swarm project in advance can ordinary people reduce risks of “Being a Scapegoat in face of such tremendous capital.

Merits for Swarm

① A total number of mere 62.5 million BZZ (extremely scarce) listing in Huobi, Binance and OKEX after the launch of Mainnet on June, 21st with rather fast speed and no lockup

② Its storage block can achieve the same class of Filecoin of IPFS

③ Unprecedentedly strong financial support

④ An airdrop of one million BZZ at the early stage, with estimated value soaring to 1,600 US dollars

BZZ Pass Reward and Airdrop

①Token Details

Initiator: Ethereum Foundation

Founder: Vitalik Buterin

Total listed: 62.5 million

Time for Mainnet Launch: June, 21st, 2021

② Token Model:

BZZ is a type of utility token of Swarm and can be used for rewards of bandwidth and storage.

③ Token distribution

Fundraising: 50%

Team: 20%

Fund: 7%

Ecosystem: 10%

Subsidy: 10%

Donation: 3%

BZZ Risk Disclosure

Risk consideration is a must for investment in any mining project .BZZ Mining of Swarm is of no exception.

1. The biggest threat is the potential disappearance of the Swarm operator, a similar situation happened in China which deserves your caution.

2. Potential risk of slump in BZZ price if a host of tokens are sold by Swarm creators.

3. Be aware of fake BZZ circulation and follow official test mechanism in strict standards.

4. Caution yourself against the scam of holders of private placement tokens.

Potential Value

What counts most in blockchain industry? The answer is without doubt: Consensus which can only be achieved by project prospect, technologic support and philosophy of the projects. The reason for public anticipation lies in its huge potential values in the future.

Demand for digital storage will be 10 times that of today in social-economic markets in the future. With such increasing demand, the token value of BZZ has high possibilities to exceed estimated 1,600 US dollars. In addition, the multi combination incentive mechanism including rewards of bandwith, discovery and holding storage lay a solid foundation for its sustained development, presenting unfathomable potential in the future.



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