Is Metaverse an “Oasis”or “Dark Fairy Tale”?

In 2045,most areas in the earth turned into slums.People find salvation in the“oasis”,a vast virtual reality field to escape the world at the brink of chaos and collapse.They work,play and hunt treasures of a Easter egg symbolizing the ownership of oasis in that expansive virtual universe.

This is the human future depicted in the blockbuster Ready Player One.While,Metaverse,a trending topic this year,bears a striking resemblance to the oasis in this movie.

What is Metaverse?

The term was coined in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash to portray a parallel virtual universe where you sense the actual world in the virtual sphere through various Hi-tech devices.

The Metaverse can realize the parallel coexistence between the virtual universe and the real world through AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality)and other technologies.Human beings can project any information including people, events,objects and data in the real world onto the terminal of Metaverse and then experience and realize what they can not achieved in the reality.

Sounds crazy? It’s far from that.Metaverse can accommodate a host of paralleled virtual realities, which means you can transfer between reality and virtual world in random at the same time.

Is Metaverse an “Oasis”or “Dark Fairytale”

Though technology is the basis,it is manipulated by people.Dose Metaverse will assist us to create an“oasis”or propel humans into an absolute “dark fairytale”?

Here you can connect various virtual spaces with the real world to reach what you can not achieve in reality. Pianists,scientists,the richest man,superstars,hackers and even drug peddlars.You can become whoever you are and do whatever you want in this place of high liberty.And the rewards or income you got from games can be used in real-world transaction.As conventions,rules and regulations in the real life will no longer curb your freedom of behavior,It indeed sounds like a utopia human oasis.

Though featured by civilization,order and diversity,Metaverse is often in the midst of worries as another“ “Dark Web”where people profit from illegal means such as human organ trading,smuggling or drug trafficking.If the money earned in such illegal trades transfer to the use in our actual life,Metaverse will become a sphere of indefinite vicious cycle and humans will face the life of“dark fairytale”

Mankind’s road to explore Metaverse has just begun despite of worries.With its popularity,investments from various fields flood into the exploration of mysterious Metaverse.

Why Metaverse a New Investment Favor?

Despite of its complexity,people reached remarkable advance in communication,data process,virtual reality and AI technologies. Metaverse therefore is realizing step by step instead of a term in the scientific fiction. While the capitalist grasp a keener smell in comparison with the ordinary people, Metaverse became a favor of investments.

▲On March 10, 2021, roblox, an American sandbox game platform, went public with a market value of over $40 billion, a 10 fold increase which left a sensation in the capital world.

▲Following Roblox,MetaApp,a domestic sandbox platform developer,completed C round of financing with 100 million U.S.dollars

▲On April 13,2021,Epic,an American game developer announced to receive one billion U.S dollars in financing with an estimated value of 28.7 billion U.S dollars.

Researches on Metaverse began to flourish

➊ Facebook launched Horizon,a virtual reality social platform in synergy effect with its hardware Oculus

➋ NVIDIA launched its concept creation platform Ominiverse

➌ ByteDance poured its investment on”Domestic Roblox”code universe

➍ Pico,a domestic VR glasses manufacture,will release its new products

As a concept combing pan-entertainment, pan-socialization with scientific technology and connection between VR and reality,Metaverse is a huge cake which far-sighted investors will not miss.

Metaverse and Blockchain

As a major technological support of realizing Metaverse,blockchain plays a major part in expanding the Metaverse ecosystem.Metaverse in the future is bound to be a digitalized territory and only digital encryption can keep the order of Metaverse in the long run.

NFT’s role in accelerating the realization of Metaverse can not be ignored when speaking of this.From crypto data ,crypto art to crypto game,NFT is establishing its own Metaverse with socialization ,game and entertainment.Crypto game based on blockchain is bound to be a new investment star.

Income in the Metaverse relies on the support of virtual currency,a sound example to present the value of blockchian-based crypto currency.When establishing a crypto digital game world with various option trades in Metaverse,users can put their investment of virtual and actual assets into the crypto fields.In terms of this,Metaverse is a fated “oasis” for investment instead of“dark fairytale”



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