Newland ,a new token farming platform ready to launch

Newland, a launchpool where users can farm their digital tokens and assets in a safe way , will be launched by Fish.Pro on June 18,2021 in order to meet user’s diverse needs. The era of “Zero Cost for Yields” is around the corner.

As an elite platform in decentralized field, Fish.Pro is built by a group of International talents with high caliber. Most of its senior executives, after years of practice in International futures business and top fund management, have rich experience in traditional finance and crypto markets .It is committed to provide best experience for its users.

The launch of Newland not only provides more opportunities for users to farm new tokens in a safe way, but also greatly simplifies the mining process, which is bound to attract more users to enter the crypto market.

Liquid swap distributes token to wider user groups in a fairer and more friendly way. Strict in examining and selecting token type , the team offers best token projects with broad application and huge value potential. New projects will be launched successively in the future.

As our slogan says, Fish.Pro will lead you to explore boundless treasure islands in fantastic crypto world.




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