Newland: Brand-new Window for Decentralized Finance

2 min readJun 10, 2021


Newland, a launchpool of Fish.Pro will be officially launched recently. Fish.Pro is committed to create a first-string platform in decentralized finance with more outstanding experience for users and more traffic for project sponsor. The launch of Newland, indubitably , marks a major step for Fish.Pro in leading users to explore numerous treasure islands in crypto market.

With the shoot up of decentralized financial market, the model of “new token farming” has played an increasingly significant part in this field. In the past model , the pricing for tokens is limited to the exchange and project provider, not available to most users who can only participate in crowdfunding. This problem has been solved by “new token farming” model.

The core value behind Newland , however, is far from complex. Instead of investing too much in crowdfunding ,users can quickly participate in mining new tokens and obtain rich returns through providing crypto digital assets and staking tokens assigned by the exchange.

In terms of operation, all the process can be completed inside Newland platform without too much operation on the chain, providing users quicker and more convenient experience.

Newland, while helping high-quality projects deliver tokens to wider users, provides a platform for both users and investors to get returns. The launch of Newland will, undoubtedly , opens up a brand-new window for decentralized finance.

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