These Coins are Breeding a Breakthrough

3 min readOct 22, 2021

Thermal Coal

China’s coal futures fell 8% to their downward limit in night trading on Tuesday as the country’s top economic planner held seminar to intervene in and bring record high prices of the fuel back down to a “reasonable range”. Therefore, we predicted that the thermal coal futures may fluctuate after correcting back. As for short-term operation, it is recommended to sell short after the price rebounds, stop loss above 1838 and stop limit at 1693.

Crude Oil

There would be a resistance ahead above current crude oil in the weekly line. If the weekly line closes at the shape of picture above, it may pull back; Besides, crude oil may present a MACD top divergence so we need to observe for the time being. In light of resistance ahead, investors can try to sell short, stop loss after oil price breaking out of the front resistance and stop limit at 78.


Bitcoin skyrocketed to 64450 in the wake of ProShares’ launch of bitcoin futures ETF. Generally price surge out of sudden positive news will suffer retracement. As only slight drop available at present, investors can attempt to sell short in short time, stop loss after the price breaking out the front hing and stop limit near 62600. Bitcoin is still bullish in the medium and long term, but the breakthrough of historical highs may not happen overnight. There will be back and forth shocks. What we need do is to buy in short price and wait patiently.


ETH is within triangulation after sharp rise and will keep bullish after getting out of the triangular range. As current price is near resistant line above, investors can sell short with small position and stop loss after breakthrough of resistance. As for time of stopping limit, it is recommended to take support line as reference. If the support line turns out to be effective without breakthrough after stopping limit, investors can continue to buy long until ETH breaks under the support.


We reminded investors to sell short AXS at highs earlier last week. It gained subsequently but without breakthrough of resistance above. Now AXS has fallen to the price level before the rise. Therefore investors with short position last week can try to stop limit. Seeing that the price is more likely to bear slight fluctuation, investors can wait and observe for further operation until it pulls back at neighboring 114.

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