Would New Token Farming a superior Choice for Investment?

【In terms of blockchain and digital tokens, newcomers and superior investment products are never absent 】

Let’s have a look at new token farming!

What is new token farming?

Farming or mining tokens refers to the process where people obtain certain income through providing digital token assets to participate in decentralized projects. (For instance, offering liquidity assets for liquidity pools).

While new token farming proposed in recent years means users’ operation of gaining new token rewards and yields by staking digital token assets.

As new vogue, can new token farming reap profits?

Defi,the biggest breakthrough in encryption history after Bitcoin, cannot be shunned when speaking of mining new tokens. When the world was struggling in new corona-virus pandemic in summer of 2020, Defi had improved by leaps and bounds, making itself a new vogue in Blockchain filed. As they say, nothing can not succeed as long as it is towards the right direction. The success of blockchain giant Binance has its reason.

While public blockchains and token exchanges are following the step to develop DeFi App, Binance has already launched another project — farming new tokens. The program full of wisdom of elites in Blockchain field has provided investors with brand-new profit world. The wave of farming new tokens is surging after the listing of new token farming function by Huobi, Binance and OKEX in their trading platforms.

In 2021, token exchanges have launched new token farming platforms successively: HooToken listed its exchange and new token platform with a week of farming period in March. In June, Fish.Pro launched its Newland new token farming platform where users can stake USDT to mine new tokens. It also offers a new token launch platform for project providers. The upsurge of new token farming platforms not only offers traffic for project sponsors but also provides investors with more diversified investment options, marking a remarkable upgrade of Defi ecosystem.

So, do investors farming new tokens really make money?

Here are voices from some of them:

“I sold successfully today. It’s great coz tokens I mined this time are all of high value.”
“You’d better sell it at the very beginning when trades start. Generally price will soar during this period .I sold it with 30 U this time and completed the selling immediately .I found that it climbed to as high as 40 U, near 2000% annual percentage yields. What a miracle!”
Profits of mining new tokens are certainly higher than mainstream tokens. I mean in the future. Actually most new tokens have their prices increase by ten times, twenty times or thirty times from several months to half of a year. ETH is impossible to achieve such returns. Consensus and potential are the premise.

In fact, new token farming is a persistent free welfare and bonus on market provided by exchanges joint with project parties. But it is not with no threshold: exchanges conduct a strict qualification review on project parties before listing so as to ensure the safety of users’assets. For users, relying on huge traffic engine of the exchange, interactive and multiple channels, high-quality liquidity pools and other advantages, they can stake their own digital assets free of charge to obtain new token pass rewards and yields, get the priority to enjoy considerable dividends in the primary market and try to avoid to become “scapegoats” in the secondary market.

In general, the model of farming new tokens possesses high value for investments. Besides additional pass rewards and low transaction costs, investors will boost a product with a promising prospect and huge profits in both short term and long run. It is, therefore, deserved to be called a superior investment choice.


New token farming provides market users with an investment option from a new dimension against current status of token mining industry. While overcoming the weakness in inherent model of “chasing winners and cutting losers” of traditional secondary market, it upgrades the model of “rewards plus yields, broadens investment channels and helps investors leap from the secondary market to the primary market. New token farming is undoubtedly a superb investment choice deserving of great attention.



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